Innoveq was founded in 2013 by an industrial engineering specialist engaged in the recycling businesses of The Salvation Army Australian Eastern Territory (Salvos Stores). Salvos Stores has to deal with significant numbers of illegally dumped mattresses at its extensive network of Stores and Depots. It is often said that "necessity is the mother of invention" and the core technologies needed for recycling this waste were identified and developed by the inventor, to solve this specific waste problem. Sources such as the NSW Environmental Protection Agency puts the size of the market into perspective citing that approx. 5% of the population could dispose of a mattress annually.

The Innoveq technology utilises high pressure water jetting and automated mechanical handling systems to de-construct used mattresses to recover recyclables in the form of steel, foams and fabrics. This technology is low cost and fast, processing approx. one mattress per minute. This is the only truly effective purpose built solution for used mattresses in just about ANY condition i.e. wet or dry, soiled, vandalised and abandoned etc.

Innoveq is proud to be associated with C&M Leussink - a family business, which upholds the highest possible standards in workmanship and quality outcomes. Leussinks expertise in engineering design, utilising the latest CAD systems (SOLIDWORKS) and precision manufacturing, has ensured that the MRP system is constructed to the highest standards possible, featuring robust design and simplified maintenance requirements.


In recognition of the importance of its past and on-going support and as part of a corporate social responsibility program, the Company has decided to pay a royalty per mattress processed to The Salvation Army. These royalties will go towards funding their operations including charitable and social enterprises.


A full international PCT patent has been granted to the inventors, and the exclusive global licence to commercialise this invention granted to Innoveq Internatiional Limited. This licence covers both the MRP1 Compression unit and the MRP2 De-construction units. A number of other exciting industry disruptive technologies are curently being developed by Maddison, Morgan & Bailey limited (www.maddisonmorganandbailey.com).