Innoveq International Limited proudly announces:

 The worlds first mobile fully automatic Mattress Recycling Plant (MRP)

Are you a mattress recycler, landfill operator or council group looking for a solution to mattress recycling? Come and talk to innoveq. We provide a mobile, self contained solution that is fully automatic with the minimum of manual handling required. Just load the mattress in and the patented process will reduce a mattress to its basic elements, typically steel springs and soft materials. 

Any mattress, anywhere, any condition - as long as it can physically fit into the infeed conveyor, it can be processed.

This stockpile of 58 wet and damaged mattresses can be deconstructed in around 90 minutes using the patented Innoveq technology.

The Innoveq technology compared to:

Manual deconstruction methods - can be inefficient, non sustainable and unhealthy and unsafe for workers. Mattress that are infested with bed bugs and harbor rodents and diseases, and along with those that are wet or soiled, cannot be safely recycled by hand and end up in landfill. Manual processes require constant manual handling of mattresses and the use of sharp blades - risky work practices which can often cause injuries. Pocket springs matresses which contain sometimes up to 1,000 individual fabric wrapped springs per mattress also cannot be effectively dismantled by hand. 
Dumped mattress containing bed bugs.
Protective clothing required to manually deconstruct a mattress.

Mechanised solutions - such as shredders and "hybrid" static processes require expensive equipment (to buy and operate) with high maintenance costs. Static sites require large factories as additional space is required for undercover storage as mattresses need to be kept in a dry condition. Additionally, these processes require additional magnetic systems to separate the cotton and foam components from the steel spring wire, often resulting in unsatisfactory outcomes.
Shredders require frequent costly maintenance i.e. hard-facing.
Competitors factory floor space shown approx. 3,250m2.